The Thai Prime Fund Limited (the “Company”), Registration No: 198803033G, was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore on the 24 August 1988. Its registered office is at 4 Robinson Road, #05-01, Singapore 048543.

The principal activity of the Company is to hold all the units in an Investment Plan in Thailand called The Thai Prime Open-Ended Fund (the “Fund”) of which the Company is the sole unit holder. No units in the Fund may be acquired by any person other than through an investment in shares in the Company.

The objective of the Fund is to provide an opportunity for non Thai foreign investors who seek long term capital appreciation by investment in Thailand principally in equities of companies with strong fundamentals and substantial medium and long term growth prospects.

The Company has entered into an Investment Contract with MFC Asset Management Public Company Limited (“MFC”), a company incorporated in Thailand, appointing MFC as investment manager for the acquisition and disposal of the assets of the Fund in accordance with the general guidelines and supervision of the Board of Directors of the Company. MFC also act as registrar of the units in the Fund.

The Custodian of the Fund’s assets in Thailand is Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited.

Under permission granted initially by the Bank of Thailand, and subsequently the Thai SEC, the Fund is treated as a domestic fund and able to buy and hold shares in Thai companies on the domestic market not usually available to non Thai nationals. All income and capital gains generated within the Fund are exempt from Thai taxation.

This website is provided exclusively for the benefit of existing investors in the company and for no one else. No responsibility is implied or taken for any other person reading this site and using any data gleaned therefrom. Neither will any such claims for misuse or error be entertained by the Company, its directors and officers, its agents and any service provider.
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